Sarah Hoskins

“ In 25 years of journalism, I’m not sure that I’ve ever done a story quite like this one. In spring of 2010, I spent four days on the road with Hoskins and in the lives of her subjects. For a decade, Hoskins has returned over and over again to tiny communities, capturing change. She has, scraping together truly meager resources, told an essential part of American and African-American history. Sarah’s subjects are the descendants of freedmen and slaves. If Hoskins had not spent the last decade photographing these ‘Negro Hamlets,’ we might never have had the record of how these people moved from bondage to sharecropping to enduring Jim Crow, to becoming the proud people they are today. For Sarah to be embraced by this community took patience, ingenuity, and sincerity in addition to drive . For for her to capture them in striking, haunting images also took talent. The result is that, not unlike what Robert Frank did for unseen places in ‘the Americans,’ or what Dorothea Lange did for the Dust Bowl migrants or Gordon Parks did for ‘Negro’ Pullman porters, Sarah Hoskins has done.” 

Jacki Lyden 



Sarah Hoskins 

Chicago, IL 

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